Hyperverse Video Presentations

Introductory Hyperverse Videos:

1. The Balloon Analogy May Actually be the Correct Model

2. A Model of Matter that Explains Fractional Charges and Anti-Matter


Here are video presentations of the hyperverse papers.

1. The Hubble Constant is a Measure of the Increase in the Energy of the Universe


2A. Time Explained Part One - Hyperverse Time

2B. Time Explained Part Two - Atomic Time Playlist for the Model of Time videos


3A. A Universe from Itself, Part 1: The Revelation of Delta E

3B. A Universe from Itself: Part 2: The Initial Values of the Universe

3C. A Universe from Itself: Part 3: The Large and Small Values of the Universe

3D. A Universe from Itself: Part 4: Delta Values and Uncertainty Relations

3E. A Universe from Itself: Part 5: The Significance of the Planck Values

3F. A Universe from Itself: Part 6: The Creation of Quanta

3G: A Universe from Itself: Part 7: The Large Number of the Universe

3H. A Universe from Itself: Part 8: The Whole Universe and the Particle Radius

3I. A Universe from Itself: Part 9: A Universe from Itself Playlist for the Universe from Itself videos


4A. The Origin of Matter and Gravity: Part 1: The Ideal Particle

4B. The Origin of Matter and Gravity: Part 2: The Creation of Matter

4C. The Origin of Matter and Gravity: Part 3: Using the Koide Relation

4D. The Origin of Matter and Gravity: Part 4: Gravity Playlist for the Origin of Matter and Gravity videos

5. A Conceptual Model of the Structure of Elementary Particles

6. Quantum Time is the Time it Takes for an Elementary Particle to Absorb a Quantum of Energy